Simulated Return Space Capsule

Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industry Co., Ltd has accepted the important technical key project to research and manufacture series of simulated return space capsules named the Divine Land from General Equipment Department of Chinese People Liberation Army since 2001.Our company successfully finished the task and manufactured the product with advanced technique, reliable quality by close cooperation with domestic relative experts overcoming the large amounts of difficulties and tackling the key problems within short time. 

The above space capsule divided two kinds, Marine Model  and Land Model,is mainly used for several practices including: spacemen flee for their life,GPS search and rescues, salvage experiments and practices under low ocean level and live disposal practices of space capsule on the ship deck.Repeated testing experiments and practice uses certify that all technical parameters and functions of the space capsule achieved relative national standards required by relative authorities and acquired wide acknowledgments and appraisal from users and relative divisions due to their highly stable and advanced characteristics.Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industry Co., Ltd has manufactured four sets of the space capsules continuously since 2001 and made a due contribution for launching space satellite named the Divine Land successfully.