Box-Type Decompression Chamber


The box-type decompression chamber is installed the full set of decompression chambers in one or two standard containers.It has the advantages of strong maneuverability, quick assembly, comfortable environment and easy operation. It is widely used in rescue, deep diving work and other fields.


▲Double box


▲Chamber inner layout

IMG_4030.jpg▲Operation console


▲Air compressor

General parameter of Box-type decompression chamber
Type:JY1500JY1600Land decompression chamber
Seating capacity:6 Persons8 PersonsHigh-end custom
Max. working pressure:0.7Mpa(8ATA)0.7Mpa(8ATA)High-end custom
Main cabin capacity:4 Persons6 PersonsHigh-end custom
Transition cabin capacity:2 Persons2 PersonsHigh-end custom
Chamber diameter:φ1500mmφ1600mmHigh-end custom
Chamber length:3600mm4000mmHigh-end custom
Door:φ700mm(4)φ700mm(4)High-end custom
Operation method:Manual + electricManual + electricHigh-end custom
Air compressor:Medium-pressure(1)/High pressure(1)Medium-pressure(1)/High pressure(1)High-end custom