Plateau Medical Pressurizing Vehicle

Medical pressurizing vehicle for plateau guaranteeing is consisting of pressurizing cabin, matching generators, pressurizing fan, oxygen cylinders, air conditioner and the vehicle itself. The cabin and the vehicle are designed integrative, and the whole system can be self-sustaining. The equipment is highly integrative with the advantages of safety and reliability and easy operation. It can be operated independently without any external power either in the static situation or during moving.This product is mainly used on the plateau where is below 6000 meters, which can change the pressure environment by pressurizing; also people can suck pure oxygen using professional oxygen fitting so as to improve the state of lacking oxygen. It can also be used as the resting and health caring site. It is an effective protection equipment for plateau people.

Pressurizing Medical Protection Vehicle for Plateau Oxygen Breathing

Layout of Pressurized Cabin

Oxygen Supplying System

Pressurizing Fan