Double-cabin omega oxygen chamber


The double-cabin structure omege oxygen chamber, also known as the one- chamber, two-cabins and four-doors oxygen chamber, which divided into two compartments,the treatment cabin and the transition cabin. Due to the four-door structure design, the treatment cabin and the transition cabin can not only be independently rescued but also achieve two-way transition between the cabin.This chamber have a compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, and has the advantages of small footprint and easy location, which can not only meet the needs of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but also meet the rescue and treatment of critically ill patients. This product is suitable for general hospitals with no more than 500beds and rehabilitation hospitals with no more than 200 beds.


▲ Air compressor


▲ Computer operation system

General technical parameter of double-cabin Omega chamber
Seating capacity:141820
Max. working pressure:0.2Mpa(3ATA)0.2Mpa(3ATA)0.2Mpa(3ATA)
Main cabin capacity:101416
Transition cabin capacity:444
Chamber diameter:φ2800mmφ3200mmφ3400mm
Chamber length:8500mm9000mm1000mm
Operation method:Manual + electric + computerManual + electric + computerManual + electric + computer
Air compressor:Twin screw silent type(2Twin screw silent type(2Twin screw silent type(2