Portable Medical Pressurizing Chamber(0.15MPa)


  Portable medical pressurizing chamber is a new single and collapsible pressurizing chamber,adopting high-strength synthetic new soft material as its body and equip with hoop-tightening type pressure-bearing mesh enclosure and snap-in type locked device in order to improve its force-bearing capability and designing innovative high-strength zipper sealing structure.It is equipped with two pressurizing devices of the carbon fiber hyperbaric air tanks and the hush small-sized air compressor, hyperbaric oxygen tanks and oxygen supplying and exhausting systems made up of advanced automatic breathing devices, chamber pressure monitoring and over-pressure warning devices, chamber oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration motors, binary air analyzer, patient vital signs analyzers and other advanced devices.The equipment has the advantages of light weight, portability, easy operation and flexibility, mainly used for rescue and treatment for plateau acute hypoxia diseases and hyperbaric adaption sickness patients. It could be used by plateau army, plateau construction site, tourism groups, medical institutions and emergency and rescue units for disasters like earthquake and mine accidents, which is the ideal equipment for the scene rescue and evacuation of plateau acute diseases patients and hyperbaric acute adaption sickness patients.


Operation control system


Oxygen supply system


Oxygen breathing equipment


Emergency escape system


Vital signs monitor


Observing window


Medical lock


Equipment box