Portable Diving Decompression Chamber(0.5MPa)

Portable diving decompression chamber is a new single and collapsible decompression chamber whose maximum working pressure is 0.5 MPa, mainly used for emergency treatment and evacuation of diving decompression sickness patients, it can be equipped on the prevention and relief vessels, health boats, offshore platforms, as well as hospitals ambulances. The equipment is placed in two boxes and could be quickly deployed when being used, with a quick connection in pluggable way, it can finish connection and debugging in a very short time and it is equipped with advanced respirators and CO2 absorption devices, importing gas analyzer and throat intercom-style protection device and automatic pressure protection system with the advantages of light weight, easy to start, highly integrated and so on, which have been widely used in the Navy and the General Staff of the mobile emergency rescue units as well as the salvage system.

 Main Features of the Equipment

1. High mobile:all related equipment are placed in two cabinets,easy transport and transit.
2.Connect quickly:all pipeline,valve and others adopt plug-in/plug-out mode,the connection and commissioning can be finished in a short time.
3.Operation simply:high integration,easy to grasp and operate.
4.Completely functions: respiration sets and CO2 absorbing sets are provide in the cabin,you can get the breathing-oxygen treatment through the above sets,you can also breathe the gas from the cabin.
5.Advanced functions:imported gas analyzing instruments,advanced shaking-throat intercom and automatic pressure protection system.



Equipment stored in two sealed boxes


Expand the connecting line


Enter the chamber to recompression


Lifting transport


Transportation boat transfer


Ambulance transfer


Enter the large compression chamber


Decompression out of chamber and continue treatment