Hard shell double seats sitting oxygen chamber

Hard shell double seats sitting oxygen chamber

Working Principle

Through the oil-free air compressor which set in the control box to  fill the fresh and clean air in cabin,and form a micro pressure environment of 1.6 atmospheres. And adopt medical grade oxygen generator to provide the oxygen for the cabin personnel through the oxygen supply pipeline.

Technical data

1.Max. Working pressure:0.098MPa/1.98ATA

2.Gross weight: 1400kg

3.Envelop dimension: L2340*W1200*H1900mm

4.Door dimension: 590mm×1440mm

5.Seating capacity: two persons

6.Pressurized medium: air

7.Oxygen concentration in chamber: ≤ 23%

8.chamber leakage rate: ≤ 15%/h

9.Pressurization time for the equipment: ≤ 15min

10.Power supply: 220V 50Hz or customized

11.Working environment temperature: 0 ℃~ + 30 ℃

12.Noise in chamber: ≤ 65dB

13.Control mode:

Automatic control: PLC automatic control

Manual control: manual control valve inside and outside chamber (for emergency use)