Hard shell sitting oxygen chamber

Hard shell sitting oxygen chamber

Working Principle

The single sitting steel chamber working pressure is 1.6 ATA. The cabin is square, produced by integral welding. The chamber body is mainly made of metal materials, and the observation window is made of transparent organic glass, which can effectively relieve the oppression and tension of some users. The cabin has a one-button start function, both inside and outside the cabin can be operated independently, emergency call, emergency relief valve, safety valve and other emergency functions are installed in the cabin, and the operation of touch screen, duplex intercom, amplifier speakers, lighting, oxygen mask, etc. The user inhales the high concentration oxygen through the oxygen mask, greatly raises the alveolar oxygen partial pressure, increases the physical dissolved oxygen, may restore the cell vitality effectively, improves the organism's anoxic state, can quickly alleviate the altitude reaction, helps to repair the damaged cell, regulate the body's immunity. It has good effects on high altitude hypoxia, poor sleep quality, poor memory, dry skin, etc. , it can be widely used in relieving altitude sickness, emergency rescue, physical recovery, memory improvement, rehabilitation physiotherapy, beauty and health care.

Product introduction

1. Simple operation and high safety

It is equipped with automatic integrated control cabinet, integrating air compressor, oxygen generator and control system to reduce the floor area; and equipped with voice announcer in cabin, duplex intercom inside and outside cabin, music playing controlled by Bluetooth in cabin to improve the user experience and use safety; and with the simple control interface and  operation process, and complete control function.

2. Application site

The products can be applied to the sports industry ( Sports Center, project club, fitness chain organizations, etc. ) , tourism industry ( tourist attractions ), health care industry ( sanatorium, beauty salon, health life center, yoga center, etc. ) , plateau ( plateau security, mountaineering, plateau camp, plateau enterprises and institutions, large hotels, etc. ) , others ( community, individual family Shopping malls, office buildings and other lunch break venues ).