Single horizontal steel chamber

Single horizontal steel chamber

Product features:

The chamber body is a horizontal cylindrical shape with an inner diameter of 800mm, which is compact type; the chamber body is made of transparent acrylic, which can observe the conditions inside and outside the cabin through a large field of view through the door, which can effectively relieve the depression and nervous feeling.

Technical index

1.Chamber specification:Φ800mm×2450mm

2.Max. working pressure:1.5ATA(0.05MPa)

3.Seating capacity: 1 person

4.Chamber leakage rate: ≤15%/h

5.Pressurizing and depressurizing rate:0.004Mpa/min~0.03Mpa/min;

6.Pressurizing and depressurizing noise:≤65dB(A)

7.Pressurizing medium: Air 

8.Oxygen concentration in the chamber: ≤23%

9.No-load weight of chamber:≤270Kg

10.Inner volume:1.2m³

11.The equipment reaches the normal working time: ≤10min (reach the max. working pressure);

12.Power supply:AC220V±33V,50HZ±2HZ;

13.Working environment temperature:0~30℃

14.Storage limit temperature:-10~50℃

15.Relative humidity:≤ 95%

Chamber top view


Front view

Oxygen generator

Control cabinet