The circular oxygen chamber, widely used in domestic oxygen chamber industry, is a traditional product, which has the advantages of stable property, reliable operation, etc. The product coversvarious kinds of military and civilian PVHO(Pressure Vessel for Human Occupation), such as medical oxygen chamber, diving decompression chamber, manned hypebaric chamber,aviation simulation return cabin, etc. In recent years, based on the original advantages of the circular oxygen chamber, Hongyuan Company has fully upgraded and greatly improved the safety,progressiveness,practicability and aesthetics of the traditional chamber. The new generation circular oxygen chamber "HONGYUAN" has obtained many Chinese national patents certificates of its technologies. It definitely will bring a compeletely new experience to customers,with its more secure, reliable, comfortable, and artistic features.


The new manual lever type mechanical operation valve,which is used for emergency operation, is safe and reliable, easy to use and convenient to maintain.


The computer-automated operation and security monitoring system, can achieve fully automated operation.


The PLC touch screen operating system, can achieve semi-automatic operation.


Oxygen-supply's dynamic monitoring and flow-meter's measuring technology can monitor each patient's oxygen breathing status.


The multi-functional oxygen breathing terminal equipment, can realize the function of primary oxygen supply, atomized oxygen inhalation and conventional oxygen inhalation.