Omega Oxygen Chamber

Relying on Hongyuan 20 years’ manufacturing experience,combined with actual clinical application requirements, successfully manufactured Omega oxygen chamber,which has the advantages of unique appearance, comfortable decoration, multiple functions, advanced appearance, easy installation, etc. It fundamentally solved the design defect of the traditional circular oxygen chamber and met the function needs of hyperbaric oxygen clinical care.


New inner decorative layout

All the decorative sheets in chambers are modular and detachable structure; the floor is fully enclosed to meet the requirements of overall disinfection and puification; the seat can be fixed and moved arbitrarily, which can not only meet the demands of seat-type treatment but also meet the needs of ICU bed treatment.


Advanced widen-type sliding door

Chamber door is very flexible and easy to close and open, it can achieve the chamber floor, doorsill and hall floor completely in the same level, which can easily make the stretchers, wheelchairs and ICU beds access the chamber, it’s very convenient.


Perfect inner facilities and treatment function

Oxygen breathing fittings use multi-functional oxygen inhaling medical module, which have five functions including conventional oxygen breathing, atomized oxygen breathing, first class oxygen breathing, negative pressure oxygen breathing and emergency calls, and are equipped with multiple sets of breathing machine,monitor interface.


Advanced multiple operation control system

The digital and intelligent integrated console can realize equipment's automatic control; the PLC microcomputer operating system can realize various functions of the monitoring and operation; the mechanical sub-control console for emergency use, adopts integrated design with the cabin.


Compact structure, easy to install

The oxygen chamber can be placed directly on the ground or on the floor without digging the basement. At the same time, the supporting equipment is installed above the chamber body with a modular structure, which can save space, shorten the installation period and easily be maintained.