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Since the establishment of the company has consistently adhered to according to customer demand for product research and development of the fundamental, science and technology industry legislation plant ideas.


20 years experience since 1998


200 sets production capacity per year.


Over 40 patents


ISO 9001-2008 ,ASME,CE and so on


The pursuit of quality professional level, the best service for the customer is innovative and unique
Provide the most cost-effective products and considerate service.

Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industrial Inc. is limited by shares,and it was founded in March 1998, and it has been the leading company in the domestic industry after decades of arduous pioneering. On Dec.18, 2015, it was mergered and acquisitioned by Brightstone Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd., and became the Group's holding company,Hongyuan company is made up of Zhifu Wolong industrial park, with a total area of 100 mu. The company set up 11 departments such as the sales company, technical center, manufacturing plant, the installation department and so on.We have over 270 employees. The company has a total asset of 350 million and the annual sales income amount to 280 million , the market share of medical air compression chamber is more than 60%, and the navy equipment various types of diving decompression chamber and supporting the air pressure transition chamber (manlock) for large tunneling boring machine is more than 90%.

1 Hongyuan Oxygen's New Generation High-End Oxygen Chamber Exhibited at Shanghai Medical Fair

The new-generation high-end oxygen chamber designed and developed by Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Co., Ltd. was successfully exhibited at the “77th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Expo” held in Shanghai from May 15th to 18th 2017 and was a complete success. .

2 The order from Tianzhu city Gansu provience

The order from Tianzhu city Gansu provience

3 The order from China Ocean Oil Corporation

The order from China Ocean Oil Corporation

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